Strategy Check with AI Scenarios

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What can we do now to remain profitable and successful in  tomorrow's business world? If you look 10 years into the future as a company, you can see different ways in which the relevant business environment and its customers could change. These different versions of the future can have a significant impact on your own business orientation and the associated product portfolio. But to what extent are these effects already covered by your existing corporate strategy so that you are prepared for possible market changes?

With our Strategy Check using AI scenarios, we translate complex future issues into comprehensible and company-specific scenarios. We show the coverage between strategic areas of action from the scenarios and the existing strategy, and identify strategic gaps. We provide you with a tailored overview of areas of action and measures for a future-proof corporate strategy.

Possible questions:

  • Will we still be able to earn money in the future with our current corporate strategy?
  • What are the relevant technologies, products, services, customers and markets that will be decisive for our future business?
  • How do our products and business models need to develop or change in the future?
  • Which key figures do we need to keep an eye on?

Benefits of the Strategy Check with AI Scenarios

Identified drivers of the future

Collaborative development of clearly described scenarios with AI-supported design to make the discussion about the future tangible.

Key figures and success factors

Identification of relevant key figures to ensure the strategic management of relevant technologies, products, services, customers and markets.

Scenarios with your company's DNA

Carrying out company-specific adaptations based on AI-supported foundations for discussion together with our industry experts.

Areas of action and implications

Identification of strategic gaps, deduction of effects on the business and identification of areas for action.

Package M

As part of the project, we develop AI-supported future scenarios for your company. Based on the results, areas for action are derived and compared with your existing strategy. Together, we derive the necessary implications and measures for a future-proof corporate strategy.

Subject of Performance:

  • Defined areas of influence of the company
  • 10-12 Key factors identified and determined with AI support as main drivers of the future incl. a validation workshop
  • Dimensions defined with AI support to describe the future projections (2-4 formulated future projections per key factor)
  • Workshop to validate and augment the future projections
  • Consistency analysis carried out and 3-5 raw scenarios calculated by UNITY incl. management summaries
  • A working session to validate and interpret the scenarios
  • A workshop to derive implications for the strategy from the scenarios and identify initial areas of action and measures as well as key performance indicators

Benefits for increasing your value and efficiency:
You know the key drivers of the future, the possible market developments and can align your strategy and resources for the future.

Number of people involved:
approx. 4-8 people per strategy level and organizational form

Maturity level of the result:
AI-supported preparation and processing of results, standardized scenario process, appropriate UNITY expert team depending on industry and topic, access to best practices and benchmarks

Package M

Service Offering

Strategy Check with AI Scenarios

2 Months

Starting from €60,000

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