The Path Towards a Software-Enabled Company

Software-enabled Company

Software-enabled Company

Continuous Digitalization of Products, Services and Value Creation

Technological and social change will revolutionize product development over the next five years. In order for companies to maintain their competitive edge, they must continuously adapt their development processes and development organizations to fit new trends and customer needs. This enables new opportunities in the automotive industry such as:

  • Autonomous driving functions
  • Networking for traffic optimization
  • Vehicle drive performance and energy efficiency
  • Viable, digital business models

Status Quo: Digital Transformation in Automotive-OEMs as an example

Systemic understanding of value creation for Software-Enabled Companies

Consulting Services for your path to becoming a Software-Enabled Company

The paradigm shift in Product Development

Key Challenges & Opportunities

  • The existing development system of incremental further development has been successful for decades
  • A fundamental paradigm shift, disruptions and new development due to digitalization demand greater flexibility:
    • Switch to e-mobility
    • Networked systems
    • Centralization of software (Product.OS)
    • Supply chain disruptions

Current consequences:

  • Month-long task forces using the resources of hundreds of engineers
  • Postponed market launches
  • Unscheduled development efforts

Systems Engineering

Circular Economy

The paradigm shift in Value Creation

Key Challenges & Opportunities

  • smart licensing management
  • New KPIs - Number of merges / releases / updates
  • Standardized hardware interfaces
  • Parallel and decentralized hardware development following the example of software development
  • Centralization of hardware and hardware-related software (firmware)
  • End-to-end automation - Shift left approach & automated testing
  • Interaction of different development speeds - New integration challenges
  • Software lifecycles are longer - Smart architecture reduces maintenance effort

Smart Factory

The paradigm shift in Strategy

Key Challenges & Opportunities

  • New business models require new ways of thinking about product, value creation and customer relationships
  • Extension strategy and consideration of software-defined products and services
  • Partnership support without product business and new tactics
  • Urge to transform the supply chain: Overall value creation becomes more resilient

Business Models


Target Operating Model

The paradigm shift in Organization & Governance

Key Challenges & Opportunities

  • Flatter organizational structures and organizational renewal
  • End-to-end responsibility, autonomy & simpler processes
  • Mixing and adapting management structures/ cultures: e.g. specialist teams, agile leadership
  • Instead of a line organization: Control through capabilities & technologies and interdisciplinary project staff
  • Rethinking skills management – which hard and soft skills aare the required in the context of a software-enabled company?

Agile Excellence

Change Management



The paradigm shift in IT

Key Challenges & Opportunities

  • Transition from operational IT to product IT with a direct customer connection
  • Increased focus on IT competencies in development and implementation
  • Strengthening proximity to the business (internal customer)
  • DevOps and agile mindset in IT
  • IT follows strategy: Speed through partnering & sourcing

Future IT

Business Alignment

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