Security Champion Training

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The requirements for secure software applications in companies are constantly increasing. Protecting data and securing systems against external attacks is becoming increasingly important -- and more complex. With our Security Champion training, we show software developers how they can consistently take security into account in their day-to-day work. The security of software applications can only be guaranteed in the future if developers build up their skills in a targeted manner.

This training course will qualify you as a security champion and make you an expert in the field of secure software development. We teach you the necessary knowledge and skills step by step so that you, as a developer, can advise your teams on security issues and point out potential security gaps. You will also practice the necessary hard and soft skills and learn how to successfully apply current security methods and suitable tools. The course content is geared towards the entire software development process and is combined with extensive practical phases.

Package S
  • Raising awareness of the topic of security using practical examples
  • Definition of terms, differentiation and trends
  • Relevant security laws and standards
  • Role and tasks of a security champion
Define requirements, analyze risks
  • Definition of security requirements
  • Software development lifecycle: Security as a topic in the agile development process
  • Risk analysis: Classification of risks and risk treatment
Get to know and learn methods
  • Secure design and defensive coding: principles, patterns and guidelines
  • Applied cryptography: basics, encryption, key management
  • Automatic and manual code reviews
  • DevSecOps: explanation, problems and objectives
Security Champions in practice
  • Soft skills: communication theories, role plays to train soft skills 
  • "Coffee to Know" -- practical training to impart security knowledge
Package S

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Software Engineering

Training course 

13 Weeks - part-time (ca. 98 Hours)


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