SE-ZERT® Level B Training

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Systems Engineering application competence and preparation to become a "Certified Systems Engineer"

What you can expect:

You will understand the approaches and methods of Systems Engineering and be able to apply them in moderately complex tasks. This course prepares you for the Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)® Level B exam and provides comprehensive* training:

  • Application-safe knowledge about Systems Engineering and Systems Engineering Management
  • knowing, understand and safely apply domain specific language
  • apply domain specific methods and procedures to gain knowledge
  • Ability to lead a moderately complex project or a subproject of a complex project with all its parameters and to take the corresponding technical responsibility.
  • Ability to accountably lead a small multidisciplinary team

Our trainers are experienced consultants in industry and the automotive sector. We know the challenges and opportunities of applying Systems Engineering in your environment and address them in a targeted manner!

*in accordance with SE-ZERT®

Level B

Structure of the training course

  • Part-time format with face-to-face and virtual modules: Benefit from the advantages of working on important aspects together with the training team on-site as well as saving time-consuming travel in your everyday work life through virtual modules.
  • 12 Training days divided into four modules of three days each - with a focus on the following topics:
Module 1 – On site
  • Introduction and basics
  • Requirements management

Incl. on-site supporting program 

Module 2 – Virtual
  • Architectural design
  • Drafting
  • Verification & Validation
  • Project Management
Module 3 – Virtual
  • Roles in SE
  • Agile Systems Engineering
  • Decision management
Module 4 – On-site
  • Soft Skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Exercises and Q&A

Incl. on-site supporting program

Admission requirements according to SE-ZERT®

Foreman or technician according to German standards: 9 Years, of which 3 years with an allocation to the areas of competence (at least 3)
Bachelor Degree (Technical degree program): 6 Years, of which 3 years with an allocation to the areas of competence (at least 3)
Master Degree, Dipl. Ing. FH, Dipl. Ing. (Technical degree program): 5 Years, of which 3 years with an allocation to the areas of competence (at least 3)

Anyone who has a certificate SE-ZERT® level C, and the above experience and qualification, and has attended a Curriculum Level B training by an approved training provider with a confirmation of 80% attendance will be admitted to the exam.

Level B

Service Offering
Preparation training for SE-ZERT® 
Level B

approx. 3 Months

10 % Group discount: If two or more employees from your company take part in the same training course, the participation fee is €7,015

Additional €450 examination fee
(GfSE members receive a €50 discount on the examination fee)

Not included is the admission test for career changers, if no valid Level C certificate is available in the amount of €200.

Dates in 2024/25

Please let us know your preferred dates in your request.
Dates in 2024, Cologne
  • Module 1:  Sept. 10 - 12
  • Module 2:  Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
  • Module 3:  Nov. 4 - 6
  • Module 4:  Dec. 10 -12
Dates in Spring 2025, Cologne
  • Module 1: Jan. 14 -16
  • Module 2: Feb. 11-13
  • Module 3: March 11-13
  • Module 4: April 8 -10 
Dates in Fall 2025, Cologne
  • Module 1: Sept. 16 -18 
  • Module 2: Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 
  • Module 3: Nov. 4 - 6 
  • Module 4: Nov. 9 - 11

Your team of trainers for SE-ZERT© Training Level B

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steffen

Partner, Head of R&D & Systems Engineering

Paderborn, Germany
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Dr.-Ing. Michael Franzkowiak

Senior Manager

Paderborn, Germany
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Malte Stimming

Senior Manager

Hamburg, Deutschland
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Dr.-Ing. Tobias Wigger

Senior Manager

Cologne, Germany
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