Applications “Spitalliste Ct. Zurich 2023”

Application strategy & dossiers for 10 locations

  • Consolidated an overall application strategy and site-specific target pictures
  • Centrally planned, target-dependent resource and qualification requirements
  • Structured requirements for dossiers depending on the targeted application 
  • Structuring, planning and coordination of the application process
  • Unified design of all required documents
  • Centrally organized compilation of the application dossiers
  • Reliable submission of all ten applications

“Together with UNITY, the extremely complex application process for the 2023 hospital list of the Canton of Zurich was handled in a highly structured manner. The focused coordination ensured the timely provision of our ten high-quality dossiers.”

Dr. Serge Altmann

Group CEO


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Nicolina Litschgi

Partner, Managing Director at UNITY Schweiz AG

Zurich, Switzerland
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