Process and result optimization

Controlling improvement measures with 4.6 million savings volume

  • 2.5 million savings to meet own cost targets and 2.1 million savings compared to own medium-term planning
  • Consideration of regulatory effects in the benefit analysis
  • Consistent validation, processing and management of identified immediate actions over 10 sub-projects
  • Preparation of process optimization for long-term improvement measures (project WIR 4.0)

"With UNITY, we were able to transform our ideas for improvement into concrete improvement measures and implement them in a structured manner within the framework of PREROP. The focus here was on realizing short-term savings and UNITY secured it." 

Michael Wippermann

Head of Regional Divisions

Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH

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Dr. Ulrich Deppe

Executive Board Member

Paderborn, Germany
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Katharina Pierschalik

Partner, Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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