Factory planning V-ZUG33

Reduction of the core area by 60% while increasing the area efficiency by 110% at the same time

  • Concept for achieving Digital Operational Excellence and a new production system as a basis for factory planning
  • Detailed layout planning of approximately 70'000 sqm
  • Vertical logistics concept (> 2 million vertical transports / year) incl. support in technology and supplier selection
  • User representation during construction planning with close contact to planners and architects
  • 3D visualization of the entire verticalized factory site incl. video animation to explain / illustrate the overall material flow

„UNITY provides us with essential support for the Digital Operational Excellence roadmap and the detailed planning of the entire site. The 3D visualization is an excellent communication tool. Thanks to UNITY's expertise we are confident to double our area efficiency!“

Byron Vargas

Head of Operations


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Nicolina Litschgi

Partner, Managing Director at UNITY Schweiz AG

Zurich, Switzerland
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