Realizing digital customer journey

Digital transformation of the customer journey

The steel trading company, thyssenkrupp Schulte, has set the ambitious goal of intelligently connecting the entire customer journey end-to-end and making it more efficient as part of a digital transformation program – from the inquiry and order to delivery, payment and customer feedback. Specific target quantities will ensure an increase in online customer orders.

UNITY supported the project for over a year and helped the eBusiness team at thyssenkrupp Schulte to realize significant milestones: from the creation of the eBusiness vision to the realization of the governance processes for price, product and customer management. UNITY has thus laid the foundations for realizing digital transformation at thyssenkrupp. The advantages of new digital solutions, such as an online store, connectors, smart ordering, and automated processing are enormous. There is greater flexibility to respond to customer requirements and fluctuating order volumes; improved service for customers to automate ordering processes to the greatest possible extent; increased process and cost efficiency to make the company‘s own operations economical and competitive. All of this helps thyssenkrupp Schulte to position itself optimally for current and future challenges.

Concrete eBusiness vision

Digital end-to-end customer journey

Increased process and cost efficiency

“UNITY has been an important partner in the digital transformation of our business model for several years. In our close collaboration, we appreciate the deep understanding of our company and the impulses from UNITY that take us forward in implementing a digital customer journey. We look forward to continuing to work with UNITY.”

Andreas Kellermann

Head of Digital Transformation and Performance

thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH

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