Tezos Blockchain Pitch Deck

Self-explanatory ”pitch deck“ that explains the Tezos blockchain, ecosystem and its benefits

  • Preparation and conduction of a workshop with experts on the Tezos blockchain and ecosystem to define scope and target group
  • Development of a pitch storyline and definition of a modular pitch deck structure that allows to compile audience-tailored presentations/information packages with little effort
  • Gathering and processing of further information from various sources defined in the workshop
  • Creation of slides that are self-explanatory and suitable for standalone distribution yet graphical enough to be used in presentations as well

”UNITY did a great job explaining and visually depicting complex matters. We are very pleased with the result and believe it will be a valuable contribution to the advancement of Tezos’ adoption.”

Roman Schnider

CFO und Head of Operations

Tezos Foundation

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Magnus Meier

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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