Ensuring efficient OR management in a new building

Secured future OR management in a new building, in terms of processes, organization and infrastructure

  • Identified all user group requirements for OR management and implemented optimization measures in the OR layout during the ongoing construction phase
  • Using simulation, secured the growth scenarios of case numbers and derived infrastructure capacities
  • Optimized staff deployment and shift plans per scenario
  • Validated trolley supply requirements and optimized space requirements
  • Process-oriented requirements for the IT infrastructure and system landscape of the OR Zone

"Together with the users, UNITY experts have created the foundation for future-oriented OR management. By using simulation, a model of OR management not only verified, but also demonstrated the potential for development sustainably."

Dr. Peter Eichenberger


St. Claraspital

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Nicolina Litschgi

Partner, Managing Director at UNITY Schweiz AG

Zurich, Switzerland
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