Optimized OR layout for a new hospital building in Uster

Simulated validation of potential process and layout concepts incl. recommendations for action for the new building

  • Evaluated existing layout variants and developed an OR layout that is optimized for patient, material and personnel flows
  • Comprehensive OR data analysis incl. analysis of OR capacity planning
  • Safeguarded different layout variants by dynamically simulating outpatient and inpatient OR patient flows
  • Identified and quantified the effects of different processes and layout variants on the overall performance in the OR
  • Derived recommendations for action for the new building project in terms of processes, layout and capacities

“With UNITY’s help, we have optimized our OR layout and simulated it as a reliable basis in planning the new building. The layout comparison provided transparency in the performance of different concepts and significantly supported our decision-making process.”

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Nicolina Litschgi

Partner, Managing Director at UNITY Schweiz AG

Zurich, Switzerland
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