Health 4.0 for South Tyrol

Vision "Health Care 4.0" and review of construction planning including IT infrastructure

Tasks of UNITY

The hospital in Bolzano is to become a pioneer for “Digitalization in Hospitals” so that in the future high quality care for patients can be guaranteed as well as simultaneously achieving a competitive advantage. The first step in attaining this goal is the commissioning of a new building for emergency and acute medicine in late 2018.

UNITY's first task was to work with doctors, nurses, medical engineers, construction planners and IT staff of the South Tyrolean Healthcare Service to develop a vision for a hospital of the future in South Tyrol. More than 100 trends from the clinical environment were evaluated and identifi ed for the central hospital in Bolzano through workshops and interviews. One important fi nding of the workshops was that, in particular, the networking of the sectors offers opportunities for new business models and a better provision of services to citizens. Thus, it is not only a matter of “Hospital 4.0,” rather it is more about the topic of “Health 4.0.”

In conclusion, an implementation roadmap was derived from the common vision.In addition, the vision was used to derive future demands on the infrastructure. In turn, the demands were used to evaluate the current construction plan with regard to its future viability, particularly the aspect of IT infrastructure. UNITY was able to provide valuable impulses in areas such as: distribution of mobile services, WLAN and Bluetooth infrastructure, which all have to be taken into account during the planning and construction phases of the hospital.

“Healthcare 4.0 is not just a buzzword, it’s the future. We have to prepare ourselves by developing modern concepts for hospitals – particularly with regard to the commissioning of the new hospital in Bolzano. Among other things, we made use of UNITY’s extensive know-how. Together, we have come a major step closer to our goal of providing patient-centered care through technological support and networking.”

Dr. Thomas Schael

General Manager

South Tyrolean Healthcare Service

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