Implementation support for a new factory

Machine relocation planning and successful commissioning of a new factory

  • Scheduling the machine relocation by machine capacity and job order planning
  • Layout validation and documentation of the operating equipment to be relocated
  • Preparation and supervision of the tender for the machine relocation
  • Coaching of the project team and management of the service providers
  • Establishment of communication structures to ensure successful implementation
  • Support in ramp-up management
  • Experience from the UNITY pre-project "Factory Planning" guarantees comprehensive understanding of the project

“UNITY was able to build directly on the results of the preliminary factory planning project. UNITY's methodical and goal-oriented approach enabled a clean planning and ensured a successful commissioning of the factory on time.”

Alexander Werz

Senior Project Manager

AO-O Global Operations Schott AG

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Katharina Pierschalik

Partner, Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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