Growing Digital ROI

Scaling into digital

Capability-based planning for digital solution unit ramp up
  • Elaboration of the in- and external unit’s value proposition and derivation of a unit strategy aligned on corporate level incl. a value contribution and revenue recognition model
  • Review of the existing digital portfolio incl. the definition of digital product and service archetypes
  • Organizational digital capabilities to scale digital business disclosed, as-is evaluated, to-be defined and clear cross-functional roadmap with responsibilities & accountabilities outlined
  • Ramp up plan for new P&L responsible business unit, incl. a business case and resource build up planning around a base team of 200+ employees
  • Development of a go-to-market target picture for digital solutions

Benefits for our project Sartorius

Clear link between digital strategy, digital portfolio on organization design

Cross functional alliance building to set up and run digital products

Shared way forward based on business case focussing capability building and go to market push

“What needs to be done to scale our Digital ROI on speed? This was my initial question and UNITY overdelivered on it. Providing ONE common language to discuss targets & strategy, best-practices to speed up our capability-based organization planning and most importantly a digital, collaborative, end-to-end mindset to connect the new unit with the organization. The learnings were enriching, the advisory was spot on and the experience was fun.”

Norman Trapp

Head of BPS Digital Solutions

Sartorius AG

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