Strategy Implementation, Process Management, Leadership Alignment

Management Workshops: Strategy, Organization, Team, Process

Initial Situation and Project Targets

In 2012 Romay Qingdao decided to separate the medicalbusiness from the Chinese JV company which was founded in 2004. In 2013 the biggest challenge to Romay Qingdao was to ramp up an independent production without its former JV partner, to install a production shop floor management and to ramp up new product production lines. In 2014 the top management focused on forming the local management team in becoming more independent in managing the operations and being more consistently in implementing the improvement measures. The goals of the project were to align the management team about strategies, to improve business processes and to define functioning KPI’s.

Tasks of UNITY

UNITY designed and conducted 6 individual workshops with the Romay Qingdao team and the Romay headquarter managers and experts. UNITY provided an international comprehensive project team with multiple experts from different areas – Enterprise Management, Lean Production and Process Management. Main tasks were:

  • Initiation of a team building process
  • Familiarization of managers to the Romay value system and alignment of group/company strategies with individual targets of local management team members
  • Initiation of a cooperative and effective leadership culture
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Introduction of necessary management tools
Benefits for Romay

Through this project the Romay Qingdao local team learned what team work means using brainstorming and exercises. This way they learned to simplify their everyday-work, to communicate smoothly and to share information more transparent. In cooperation with senior managers and experts from the Switzerland headquarter the local team was aligned with the "Value, Mission, Vision, Strategy" of the Romay group. Following these principals planning and activities were adjusted. Then a series of 3 workshops regarding "Process Management" were introduced to the team using the UNITY specific tool "OMEGA". These workshops trained the staff on how to analyze, control and improve potential during the process. The workshop "Management Tools" enhanced the local team’s behavior towards and their understanding of the Lean philosophy and principles using on-site observation and a JIT game.

UNITY brought several new ideas and methodologies supporting Romay Qingdao’s local team to implement Romay group’s values, mission, vision and strategy; to strengthen the teamwork, to increase efficiency and effectivity during the daily work, to break the obstacle in the interface between departments; to learn about the specific ‘OMEGA’ tool to analyze the process, not only in production but also in the whole Romay Qingdao business process. Finally we set up individual KPI’s for each department. Doing this we installed a very well basis for future Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).”

Dr. Zhao Huanlu

General Manager

Romay (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

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