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Structuring of sustainability measures and development of sustainability governance

Driven by regulatory requirements and its own ambition to make the company sustainable, Pfannenberg has joined forces with UNITY to address the issue. The goal of the joint project was to lay the foundation for the development of a sustainable organization as well as define a clear roadmap on how to get
there in order to align environmental and social issues with long-term profitability.
To this end, a mission was developed on the product, process and organizational levels, which now provides a clear direction for the company‘s sustainability activities. In order to reduce the complexity within the sustainability initiatives and at the same time take all necessary aspects into account, relevant areas of action were identified along a framework and those that were suitable for Pfannenberg were prioritized. The areas of action were then used to define and classify existing and individual future measures. However, the transformation towards a sustainable organization does not only happen by defining individual measures – they need to be anchored in the entire organization. In order to pursue this goal, Pfannenberg has defined a cross-functional role and task model, together with UNITY, and has laid the foundation for the creation of a corporate sustainability role within the company.

10 Concrete areas of action defined

> 40 Sustainability measures identified

1 New corporate sustainability role created

“Thanks to UNITY's dedicated support, we were able to make significant progress in implementing a sustainable organization. The collaboration has been extremely valuable and has enabled us to reach important milestones.”

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