End-to-end digital transformation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance

Expertise of the UNITY Innovation Alliance used extensively

In order to be well-prepared for major changes in society due to digitalization, Oventrop began to address the topic of digitalization years ago. For many different projects that fall within the scope of digital transformation, the company still relies on the expertise of the UNITY Innovation Alliance – whether it concerns the digitalization of products or digitalization within the organization.

Therefore, Oventrop evaluates on a regular basis what distinguishes products of the future. When implementing this vision, the company often relies on the expertise of Smart Mechatronics. As a development company in the UNITY Innovation Alliance, Smart Mechatronics provides support in the design and development of networked, embedded systems. This often starts in the early development phase – when product ideas are transformed into tangible concepts, to series launch – when it is a matter of obtaining approvals and certifications from external testing bodies. In one of the projects, CP contech electronic produced the samples and prototypes, as well as conceptualized and developed the test systems. CP contech electronic ensures the supply of series products that meet quality standards with the help of state-of-the-art test and production technologies.

Oventrop relied on UNITY when it came to digitalizing its order processing. By focusing on process optimization, IT architecture and system implementation, a more efficient order processing system and a continuous flow of information was created – from product creation to sales planning, and sales and production to shipping. 

To ensure that the IT systems, which are used to optimally support the new processes, are also used consistently and efficiently, the organization must be assisted during this fundamental change. Therefore, a communication program was set up and supported by UNITYmove through targeted systemic change management. UNITYmove is the training and coaching provider of the UNITY Innovation Alliance. 

4 UNITY Innovation Alliance companies involved

Created added value for products and the organization

Long lasting, trust-based collaboration

“As a partner for efficient heating, cooling and clean drinking water, we want to actively shape our digital transformation. Whether it involves the digitalization of our product portfolio or the further development of our company, we have been able to rely on the expertise of the UNITY Innovation Alliance for years.”

Johannes Rump

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