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Production system change to flow linke disassembly and assembly and layout for the factory extension

  • Improved process efficiency of 22 % for the overall disassembly and assmbly of engines to piece parts
  • Improved area efficiency of each work station by ca. 25 %
  • Calculated future demand of workstations and resources
  • Approved concept for the change from a workplace disassembly and assembly of the engines to modules to a flow line
  • Layout for the extension - new production system transferred to the extension layout
  • Mindset Change - from thinking in shifts, teams ans SLU to a process based planning and thinking regarding real demand of resources

“UNITY support us with its strong expertise in production concepts, process design knowledge but also its leading skills in changing existing ways of thinking, to convince the management team.”

Jaap Beijer


MTU Zhuhai

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