Digital Accelerator – Design of a Shared Service Unit

Speeding up time to digital product success & Digital ROI

  • Product portfolio of 30+ products across 3 business units in the need of commercial optimization
  • Uncertainty around the fundamental strategic role of digital business and organizational capabilities surfaced
  • Together with the Transformation Office, the organizational nucleus for a future shared service organization was designed to accelerate digital product success, incl.
  • Capability assessment, build up and management
  • Steering mechanisms for the digital portfolio
  • Organizational structure and governance model
  • Business case, scenario plays and implementation roadmap

Certainty concerning organizational capability gaps

Consistent portfolio steering mechanism

Value proposition and business case for shared service unit

“Usually, consultancies enter your office with a pre-defined solution. UNITY didn´t. We built a trust-based relationship with a 10+ person team from day one. We didn´t feel like a supplier and client, but as one team working towards a common goal, achieving the most tangible, actionable results. Their sweet spot is definitely putting transformational theories into practice, with energy, excitement and ROI impact!”

Jérémie Eblé

Head of Life Science DiCE (Digital Center of Excellence)

Merck Group

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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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