IT strategy & transformation program

Digitalization and Change Management

Melitta chose UNITY as its partner because of its comprehensive expertise in digitalization and change management. On the one hand, UNITY now advises Melitta on the continuous development of its IT strategy and a corresponding roadmap that provides transparency of milestones and supports strategy implementation. On the other hand, UNITY provided support in the transformation program, “Program ONE,” by setting up and coordinating the program organization as well as the program management. In order to accomplish this, program management methods and templates were adapted to Melitta’s requirements and made available. These were used for status reporting, quality, risk, or resource management. Collaboratively developed project plans for the various subprojects formed the foundation for the overall program planning. During the course of the program, UNITY provided operational support in various subprojects and helped to establish business process management within the organization. To ensure that the new processes and solutions generate long-term benefits for Melitta, a comprehensive master plan for change management was set up in addition to focused communication activities to reach different target groups. The comprehensive change concept includes empowerment measures, team building, stakeholder management and consistent employee involvement. Within the scope of empowerment, training formats were developed that focused on the building blocks of methods, content and personality, and an academy was set up. Thus, program staff are trained first and then the program users. This ensures that transformation is sustainably anchored in the company.

CIO consulting

Organizational program for sustainable transformation

Effective implementation through change management and an academy concept

“With UNITY‘s support, we were able to structure many of our strategy-related activities and transfer them into an overall IT strategy and implementation roadmap. We appreciate the pragmatic approach and trust-based collaboration!”

Stefanie Bohnhorst

Melitta Group

“UNITY successfully supported us through structured change management, appropriate communication measures and an academy to train and empower our program employees!”

Tim Ehrich

Head of ERP Transformation
Melitta Business Service Center GmbH & Co. KG

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