Material Forecast Tool

Creation of material forecast based on planned sales figures

  • Process to guarantee the material needs for the prototypes and series production, supported by a tool
  • Calculation of the material to be ordered from suppliers based on production, assembly and lead times
  • User-friendly handling and master data maintenance with possibility of tool expansion by customer due to the use of MS-Excel
  • Visualisation of sales forecast in relation to production capacity
  • Automated creation of material forecast reports per supplier

„UNITY was instrumental in helping us develop the appropriate process for the planning of the material needs. The high degree of automation of the supporting tool substantially reduced our internal effort regarding the creation."

L. Brazzale

Head of Supply Chain Management

Marenco Swisshelicopter AG

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Nicolina Litschgi

Partner, Managing Director at UNITY Schweiz AG

Zurich, Switzerland
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