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Lufthansa Technik AG is a competitive technology and innovation leader, which continuously develops inspection, maintenance and repair procedures. It also develops and produces its own components to benefit its customers. Seeing the growing momentum in the industry, the Executive Board launched an initiative in 2013 to strengthen and focus its innovation and development activities to promote company growth. UNITY was chosen for this project because of its extensive expertise in innovation management.

Both the development and the implementation of this initiative were designed in collaboration with UNITY. Areas of innovation were defined in company workshops, then implemented and monitored using an innovation program management. In conjunction to establishing an innovation program consisting of short-, to long-term projects, Lufthansa Technik and UNITY developed and implemented a master plan, creating an innovation organization and its processes. Within 18 months, a networked innovation and development group was created for all seven product divisions, along with its supporting IT systems. The company’s executive management values the innovation culture and is deeply involved in its process, e.g. as a decision maker in the "120 Second Pitch" for new innovation ideas.

“We started with the challenging task of taking the existing but fragmented innovation management to a new level. The expertise of the UNITY consultants helped us greatly in setting up a master plan for Lufthansa Technik and executing it in a structured manner. In the meantime our innovation pro-jects are in progress, we have established program management and the organization is ready to work. The teamwork in conception and implementation was decisive for the success!”

Dr.-Ing. Helge Sachs

Head of Corporate Innovation Management and Product Development

Lufthansa Technik AG

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