Business model development

Comprehensive trend analysis, derived focus areas and targeted idea generation for new business models

  • Analysis of the internal service and customer Portfolio
  • Development of a detailed trend research with focus on the business environment of HPS
  • Analysis of identified trends and influencing factors and derivation of direct effects on HPS
  • Definition of focus areas to prepare for the target-oriented idea Generation
  • Conception and implementation of the idea generation workshop with the entire HPS workforce (70 participants)
  • Support in the interpretation of workshop results and preparation of the business model development

“Die UNITY AG war der perfekte Partner für die Durchführung unseres Ideen-Workshops. Die Grundidee wurde passend umgesetzt, das Unternehmen konsequent mitgenommen und eingebunden - selbst die Skeptiker waren am Ende überzeugt. Das Projektteam passte sowohl persönlich als auch fachlich."UNITY AG was the perfect partner for the implementation of our idea workshop. The basic idea was incorporated appropriately, the company was consequently taken along and integrated - even the skeptics were convinced in the end. The project team fit both personally and professionally.""

Michael Granz

Commercial Manager

Hanseatic Power Solutions GmbH

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