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“Sustainable Energy Solutions (SEnS)“ – Definition and Go-Live of a New Value Proposition

Today, sustainability is a major and ubiquitous challenge that all corporations are facing. Globally, the demand for energy is increasing and environmental norms are becoming stricter. That is why efficient and sustainable solutions are needed now more than ever. GEA identified its key role in processing industries to take up that challenge and chose UNITY as the partner to support them on this journey. Through the value proposition „Sustainable Energy Solutions,“ GEA helps its customers to be more sustainable by improving energy-related total cost of ownership, while reducing the carbon footprint. In order to do this, GEA created a common market approach for process and utility solutions, which offers customers more benefits than separately sold solutions. This allows GEA’s customers to achieve their sustainability goals. UNITY supported GEA in defining the described value proposition as well as the go-live.

Together, UNITY and GEA worked on the customer needs, vision, business model and market potential. With a solid business concept in hand, the project headed for operationalization. The team created an operating model and a connected roll-out strategy. In the end, SEnS went live with an eye-catching roll-out campaign, driven by GEA’s marketing department. One highlight was an ecalculator that shows the possible savings in operative costs and CO2 emissions which were enabled through GEA‘s solutions by depicting the number of equivalent trees. During the project, SEnS was tested on a customer who had enquired about building a CO2-neutral factory. Despite strong competition, GEA was awarded the contract. The decision was driven by a holistic and sustainable concept that fostered the success of the initiative.

Customer energy savings of up to 30 %

Potential carbon footprint reduction of up to 90 %

Successful go-live under

“UNITY was able to support the project team in a way that they could concentrate on strategic content to drive this project to its deserved approval. After the management presentation, it was instantly clear for us that this is the way forward.”

Ulrich Walk

Chief Service Officer & Executive Vce President BU Projects
GEA Refrigeration Technologies

UNITY gave us important impulses that led to a sophisticated operating model for sustainable energy solutions. We are very excited about the go-live and what lies ahead.

Paul Ryan

Head of International Sales & Sales Support
GEA Refrigerator Technologies

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