Production System Set-up

Enhancing Efficiency through Comprehensive Shop Floor Management

  • Planning and implementation of shopfloor management system for shop floor leaders to general manager level
  • Set-up of cascading levels of shop floor meetings including KPIs for each level
  • Establish OEE standards including process for observation of production status, abnormality and loss recording, as well as improvement potentials from cell to pack production to achieve E2E transparency
  • Production efficiency increase by MTM analysis, definition of standard processes including working time, balancing of production, improved 5S
  • Training the trainer / leader in Lean Production principles and implementation of internal training system

Customer benefits

  • Wholistic SFM implemented from shop floor to management level with daily E2E transparence
  • OEE increased from 45% to 70%
  • Pack line output increased from 6 to 10 JpH
  • Enabled 3 departments (Production, IE, Equipment) for lean thinking, CIP and internal training


Ingo Neumann

Managing Director UNITY China, Team Leader

Peking, China
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