Real Estate 2030

Scenario-based Portfolio Management

Now more than ever before, the real estate sector is being subject to transformation due to the dynamics of digitalization and social change. Customer preferences and real estate requirements are changing rapidly, market boundaries are shifting and the industry is merging into an ecosystem of services. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly complex to assess the future robustness of real estate and financial projects.

Together with UNITY, the ERSTE Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG has developed  scenario-based portfolio management as a response to these challenges.

An interdisciplinary team analyzed the relevant factors from various areas of influence such as technology, economy and society, etc. Alternative projections were developed for the drivers of change in Austria's real estate landscape in 2030. UNITY mapped these into three consistent future scenarios using system support. This approach allowed UNITY to take a completely new perspective and synchronize management perspectives. Based on this, various tools were developed that provide Erste Bank with additional flexibility so that it can identify trends at an early stage and shape the future proactively. At the same time, this approach offers the opportunity to analyze segments for their future robustness and steer them accordingly.

Future Scenarios: Real Estate Ecosystem 2030

Environmental Scanning: Identify market changes early

Real Estate Bench-marking: Evaluate future robustness of real estate

Together with UNITY, we have developed an integrated mechanism that has systematized the assessment of the future robustness of financing projects. The innovative way of working and the consistent involvement of various areas of specialization were of particular importance to us.”

Dr. Ilinka Kajgana

Head of Strategic Risk Management

ERSTE Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG

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