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IT Strategy Development

Connected vehicles and intelligent factories are necessary for today’s IT divisions of Daimler Buses and Mercedes-Benz Vans. Not only that, the next wave of digitalization will radically change the current work environment and its IT demands. New paradigms in management and IT strategy are evolving through the emergence of artificial intelligence and the cultural integration of digital natives into the organization. 

In anticipation of these changes in the market, Daimler Buses & Mercedes-Benz Vans launched a project to develop a common IT strategy for these business units. Corresponding to the reorganization of the IT divisions, the integration of production sites has been a key success factor. The purpose of this project was to develop a common goal for the businesses as well as the deduction of application areas for the organization’s future-oriented direction.

The project "Two become one" was an ideal platform for Daimler AG to discuss ways of planning the future, outside of coping with daily challenges. By integrating different perspectives, UNITY successfully transferred strategically relevant information into a sustainable plan for the future. This IT strategy enables the company to focus on long-term needs and opportunities.

“The combination of methodology and creativity in UNITY’s strategy development process gave us many ideas and courses of action to actively prepare for future developments. The resulting program is pivotal to us in establishing IT as a driver of innovation.”

Dr. Klaus Oster


Daimler Buses & Mercedes-Benz Vans

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