Logistics Automation

Digitally ensured the logistics for planned production increase

As one of the world‘s largest corporations by revenue (Fortune Global 500), Continental is a leading technology company. Founded in 2001, the facility in Shanghai Jiading focuses on the future of autonomous driving. In order to meet the requirements of rapidly growing global markets, it was necessary to expand the existing plant.

At the same time, a high degree of automation for intralogistics needed to be implemented. In order to accomplish this, UNITY tested all of the logistics concepts that were developed, planned resources, and conducted inventory and process improvements. Optimization solutions were derived from the potential bottlenecks that were identified. Automated technologies were applied in an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that was planned for logistics, resulting in an automated small-parts warehouse and transport systems between production and warehouse. The planned processes, resources and automation technologies were simulated for all of the logistics areas including: receiving, storage, line feeding, packing, repacking and shipping. This ensured  seamless logistics processes with an increase in production and new products.

Based on this, specific technical requirements were developed in collaboration with Continental for the tendering procedures of the individual technologies. The simulation model was also prepared for further requirements in order to increase the degree of automation for the logistics processes. This includes the planning of future routes as well as FTS (Automated Guided Vehicles) planning.

“Together with UNITY, we were successful in developing processes that make our logistics even more efficient. Important success factors were the OMEGA process modeling method and the dynamic simulation. This enabled us to design and verify a logistics concept that was perfectly tailored to our requirements and gave us the investment security we needed for our project.”

Dr. Dennis Fritsch

General Manager

Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) CO.

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