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A Chinese joint-venture automotive OEM needs to export locally produced components to foreign markets. These include custom press-shop parts such as doors and windshields, car bodies and components made by other local suppliers. In order to do so, a consolidation center must be set up to receive and store the locally manufactured parts, oil them for anti-corrosion purposes, then repack the parts in preparation for shipping. The consolidation center will be established and operated by a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL). In addition, the consolidation center will use the same software system as the automotive OEM, in order to control OEM defined processes. China Capital Star Logistics (CCSL) is one of the selected 3PL providers under review for the contract and UNITY is playing a major role in helping them win the award.

UNITY’s tasks were to support CCSL in the completion of numerous steps. To begin with, a process analysis had to be conducted as defined by the OEM, and resource requirements needed to be identified, such as personnel, equipment and IT support. Space requirements also had to be calculated based upon its shipping program and bill of materials list. UNITY was additionally assigned the task of developing several facility layout scenarios and calculating working hours according to target processes and layout scenarios. Last but not least, it was necessary to calculate total resources per ramp-up scenario. CCSL’s competitiveness was improved by this project.

“With the help of UNITY’s exceptional team, China Capital Star Logistics successfully completed the strategic task that our upper management team assigned us. Not only that, we expanded the scope of business services in the automotive logistics industry.”

Liguang Zhu

General Manager

China Capital Star Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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