Uniformly defined product development process

Systems Engineering in the complete Product Lifecycle

BOBST, the world’s leading manufacturer of packaging machines, has optimized its product development process with UNITY’s expertise: new sourcing, production and logistics processes were integrated in the development perspective taking into account the new make-or-buy process. In terms of systems engineering, these areas were integrated at a very early stage. The objective was to have an integrated team develop a standardized process across all sites. The cooperation needed to be improved across various areas of discipline – from development, sourcing, production and logistics, so that the best solutions could be quickly and cost-effectively developed for the market using a systematic approach.

UNITY utilized a systems engineering mindset in the areas of procurement sourcing, production and logistics to ensure this. Using the OMEGA method, UNITY modeled each area’s processes and activities, identified interfaces and worked out the necessary information for each individual process phase in several workshops, enabling a shared, continuous increase in product maturity. Then, cross-site workshops were held to assure that the developed target process could also be practiced by all areas of discipline. 

BOBST now profits from a uniformly defined product development process across all locations and improved future cooperation of an integrated team. Based on a developed roadmap, the defined process can now be systematically implemented.

“Together with UNITY, we have optimized our product development and procurement process according to systems engineering principles. The process now reflects our new procurement strategy and can be implemented uniformly at all locations. With detailed documentation and a roadmap we are optimally prepared for the implementation of the process.”

Claudia Sorrentino

Head of BU Sheet-Fed SPL


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