Optimization of Marketing, Sales and Services

Initial Situation and Project Objectives

In view of the planned motorcycle product roll-out the project aimed at further optimizing the marketing, sales and aftersales processes in order to gain additional market shares. The strongly diversified distribution network posed a challenge when it came to improving the cooperation between the sales organization and the headquarters. The distribution network consists of subsidiaries, exclusive dealerships, multi-dealerships and combined dealerships. One task was to analyze the effort drivers within the market and trade organization. In addition, it was necessary to derive short-term and medium-term measures for reducing the effort as well as measures for a further increase in performance.

Tasks of UNITY

The UNITY project team was assigned to design a method that would allow the company to optimize its processes before the start of the motorcycle season. UNITY tasks in detail:

  • Identifying and analyzing cost drivers, and documenting results
  • Conducting structured interviews with selected managers in the trade organizations
  • Determining the need for action in order to increase performance
  • Formulating short-term and medium-term measures
  • Determining the potential for reducing costs

Comprehensive implementation plan supported by all parties within a few weeks

Consistent overview at all levels of the organization

Immediate implementation of more than ten initiatives to improve performance

Optimized product launch management, leaner planning and ordering processes and improved lead processes

Higher success rates in new customer acquisition and customer loyalty

Optimization of dynamic service plans and warranty processes

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