Achieving economies of scale

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Development and set up of a modular system for product variants

  • Reduced variant complexity and standardized individual parts, components and assemblies​
  • Doubled sales with an almost constant number of employees in design and preparatory work​
  • Reduced lead time for modified designs by 23%​
  • Reduced lead time by 30% for 60% of products​
  • Increased profitability/ achieved economies of scale in production ​
  • Optimized the creation of product documentation through more effective tools

“This project was important for our profitability. We were able to maintain our day-to-day business and complete the project at the same time – and my team kept their spirits up. The profitability of my business area for components has been increased tremendously and we are prepared for the future: we are introducing optimizations to our range of products much faster.”

Heinrich Steinbrecher

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