Innovative solutions for the sports and health market

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Development of the AI product AIRIS and company setup

AIRIS is an innovative AI solution for the sports and healthcare market. Through new types of algorithms, which are modeled after the human eye, the human body is recognized in three-dimensional space in real time. This results in a wide range of applications, including in the areas of cognitive training, gamification and prevention.

The UNITY Innovation Alliance (UIA) has supported the development of AIRIS from the very beginning. The startup experts of the UIA used the established methods of the UNITY Company Builder to support the AIRIS team in setting up the company and its organizational structures. In doing so, the UIA drew on experts from UNITY, for example in the areas of business model development, customer experience, IT architectures and enterprise architecture. CP contech electronic developed all the AIRIS electronics components and produces them according to defined standards and processes. NEXT Data Service has developed content for AIRIS, e.g. 3D games or dashboards based on its expertise in software development and data analysis. Smart Mechatronics supports AIRIS‘ embedded software development and helps the startup to further develop its artificial intelligence algorithms. Since 2020, the UIA companies have thus contributed to making the AIRIS vision a reality. In doing so, the UIA has been able to contribute its expertise in hardware and software development as well as in the development of innovative business models, making AIRIS not only a technical but also a commercial success.

2 Years from the vision to the finished product

5 UIA companies involved

> 130 Exercises and applications with AIRIS

“During the development of AIRIS, we benefited from the comprehensive expertise of the UNITY Innovation Alliance (UIA) right from the start. From technical issues and support with software development to the development of the company and business model, there was always a competent contact person within the UIA. Although many different UIA companies were involved, it always felt like we were working with only one strong partner.“

Pascal Siekmann

CEO and Founder


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