UNITY becomes a founding member of the Green Deal Dataspace Association

Since September 13, 2023, UNITY has joined the Green Deal Dataspace Association as a founding member. The goal is to share decentralized information in a protected virtual space to shape a sustainable future in line with the 1.5 degree path. To do this, it aims to create an accessible IT infrastructure and data ecosystem where data sharing projects can grow to exchange and share data in a trusted and secure manner. More on the Green Deal Dataspace Association: green-deal-dataspace.eu/de/

Photo (l to r): Lars Holländer (UNITY), Thorsten Hülsmann (IDSA), Jürgen Bretfeld (Advaneo GmbH), Claudius Seidel (1001 Lakes Oy), Dr. Reinhold E. Achatz (IDSA), Dr. Klaus Krumme (Rhine-Waals University of Applied Sciences), Jesús de la Maza (Innovalia Association), Lars Nagel (IDSA).