Healthcare Industry Future Award 2022

Awarded for the introduction of a digital patient portal

Braunschweig Municipal Hospital was awarded the "Healthcare Industry Future Award 2022" by CDGW for a joint project with UNITY. The award was presented for a project to introduce a digital patient portal with a platform for capacity management and control of patient flow.

In Braunschweig Municipal Hospital's transformation project, a consortium that consists of UNITY AG, m.Doc GmbH and TeleTracking GmbH is developing a comprehensive solution that will significantly improve patient flow in the hospital and interaction with patients.

Patients will be able to manage their appointments online and exchange digital documents with the hospital. An app will also help patients navigate their way on hospital grounds, select their meals, receive information about their treatment directly on their smartphone, and much more. Support for any follow-up care that may be required, direct booking of care facilities, as well as forwarding of documents to follow-up care facilities, will also be provided digitally via the platform.

However, it is not only the patients who will be offered new services, but also the hospital and the employees who will benefit from centralized and automated control of capacities, resources and workflows. The optimization of processes along the entire care workflow improves the hospital utilization and at the same time reduces the administrative work in patient logistics. As a result, staff will have more time available for patient care.

"With this innovative overall solution, we are increasing the efficiency of hospital operations and noticeably reducing the workload of hospital employees. We are very pleased that the joint project has been awarded the "Healthcare Industry Future Award," says Tomas Pfänder, Executive Board Member at UNITY.

The "Healthcare Industry Future Award" is presented annually by the CDGW Healthcare Industry Club with the aim of giving innovations in the industry a forum and making them known to a high-caliber group of experts from the hospital, industry, media and service sectors. Most recently, UNITY also received the Future Award in 2019 for a project on the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (AI) in OR planning.

Admir Kulin, Managing Director of m.Doc GmbH, Dr. Andreas Goepfert, Managing Director of Braunschweig Municipal Hospital, Tomas Pfänder, Member of the Executive Board at UNITY, and Christopher Johnson, Co-CEO at TeleTracking Technologies, accept the Healthcare Industry Future Award in Berlin (left to right)