Digital health platform OWL GmbH

The Digital Health Platform OWL began in 2018 as a groundbreaking project with an impressive funding volume. The goal: to network the five acute care hospitals in Paderborn and the physicians in private practice from the professional association “Practice Network Paderborn” (Praxisnetz Paderborn) to digitize and more closely integrate the healthcare sector.

On September 30, we successfully completed this funding project, for which UNITY is the overall project leader – and have already reached the next milestone. On September 25, the operating company Digitale Gesundheitsplattform OWL GmbH was founded by the project partners! Thus, a successful funding project is transferred into continuous operation. Together, we can drive the consistent implementation of our vision of the digital health revolution – digital, connected, secure! Already, 1,600 citizens have signed up for the platform – a first step into the future of healthcare!

*In the photo (from left to right): Dr. Ulrich Godt (Managing Director Padernetz Gmbh), Thomas Gundlach (Managing Director Digitale Gesundheitsplattform OWL GmbH), Tomas Pfänder (CEO UNITY AG), Martin Wolf (Managing Director St. Johannisstift), Nils Brinkmeyer (Managing Director Digitale Gesundheitsplattform OWL GmbH), Siegfried Rörig (Commercial Director Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef Paderborn), Jürgen Thau (Commercial Managing Director St. Vincenz Krankenhaus), Sister Bernadette M. Putz (Management St. Vincenz Krankenhaus), Werner Hemmes (Management Barmherzige Brüder Trier gGmbH)