Meeting the Needs of Strong Growth

Management consultancy UNITY appoints five new partners

The management consultancy UNITY has expanded its circle of partners with five new partners to meet the demands of strong growth. Meik Eusterholz, Jörg Greitemeyer, Katharina Pierschalik, Dennis Schmidt and Viviane Zimmermann carry great responsibility at UNITY and make significant contributions to the consultancy's strong growth. Together with UNITY's Executive Board, the partners are responsible for the company's strategic management and its further development.

Meik Eusterholz has massively expanded the healthcare business segment in recent years. As a digitalization expert, he is recognized and networked in the healthcare industry throughout Germany. With his team, he is leading hospitals into the digital age and shaping the hospital landscape of the future. Jörg Greitemeyer takes on the same task in the automotive industry. As Senior Business Area Manager in automotive, he takes the topics of the future – from digital twins to systems engineering – primarily into the development areas of German automotive manufacturers. Katharina Pierschalik and Viviane Zimmermann have been successful in supporting major industrial companies on their digital transformation journeys as business area managers for years. While Katharina Pierschalik is primarily active in North Rhine-Westphalia, Viviane Zimmermann takes on this task in southern Germany. As Senior Team Leader, Dennis Schmidt has made great contributions in advancing the UNITY locations in Hamburg and Berlin through personnel recruiting and development. These competencies are also of central importance for UNITY's further growth. 

"Being appointed to partner is a type of accolade by the executive board and the partners, with the aim of retaining these key people and giving them even more responsibility on our further growth path. We are very pleased about the competent reinforcement in the partner circle and especially about the fact that we now have a total of three women on board," explains Dr.-Ing. Frank Thielemann, member of the Executive Board at UNITY.

Photo (left to right): Taking responsibility as partners at UNITY: Meik Eusterholz, Jörg Greitemeyer, Katharina Pierschalik, Dennis Schmidt, Viviane Zimmermann