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Smart City & Region

Digitalization is increasing in all areas - the various areas of life in cities, municipalities and regions are also subject to this change.

Municipalities are also facing additional changes - be it demographic change, migration or people's changing requirements, e.g. in terms of sustainability, health and urban development.

Together, we will develop your path to becoming a smart city and a smart region:


1. Why should you focus on your Smart City or Smart Region strategy?

Empower your project team

Aufbau geeigneter Strukturen und Abläufe/Prozesse im Projektumfeld.

Determine the approach

Identify a suitable methodology and blueprint for the objective.

Build a partner network

Excellent networking and the best possible exchange of information within the region.

Identify innovative and creative ideas

Added value through support for digitalization.

Create ecosystems worth living in

Promote a sustainable, intelligent, social and innovative urban community.

Overview of funding and concepts

Introduce value-creating approaches within the implementation.

2. How do we develop the Smart City/Region strategy with you?

3. What will be developed as part of the Smart City/Region Strategy?

1. Initial situation
  • Determine the status quo and visualizing it 
  • Conduct expert interviews to analyze the initial situation 
  • Establish an understanding of the target group
2. Vision/ Target Picture
  • Derive the common vision, mission and strategic goals
  • Determine measures 
  • Build the roadmap including timetable and responsibilities
3. Citizen participation, communication
  • Record the expectations, needs and wishes of citizens in the Smart City 
  • Determine priorities and objectives depending on the field of action 
  • Address specific projects and meet the needs of citizens 

Our services for the Public Sector

Experience, design and realize your digital future with us

With the help of a holistic strategy and a digital agenda, cities and municipalities can shape their future in a liveable, innovative, safe and sustainable way. UNITY has a wealth of experience and a comprehensive range of services in the public sector. Together with you, we develop innovative strategies and solutions for the digital transformation of the administration into a future eGovernment as well as for the digital and analog design of the areas of life.

Using proven and target-oriented participation and workshop formats, we work with you to develop a vision of the future that inspires all employees and citizens. In response to the technological challenges, UNITY offers customized Smart City platform solutions as a service for operations.

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