Digitalization as an opportunity to strengthen your public health department

The Public Health Service Act (ÖGD-Pakt)

The digitalization funding program: Everything that is important now!

The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) has made 800 million euros available to sustainably strengthen the Public Health Service (ÖGD) with the digitalization funding program as part of the Pact for the Öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienstes (ÖGD). With the funding guideline "Promotion of measures to increase and further develop the digital maturity of the public health service in Germany", these are aimed at strengthening the approximately 375 health authorities throughout Germany. The aim of the funding program is to strengthen the public health service as a whole, particularly with regard to infection protection. In order to achieve this goal, the digitalization of the ÖGD is to be promoted. Important elements include the expansion of the digital infrastructure and the networking of public health departments at local, state and national level.

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What is the Public Health Service Pact (ÖGD-Pakt)?

A total of €4 billion has been made available as part of the Public Health Service Pact from 2021 to 2026. This is spread across various funding programs. 800 million euros will be made available for the digitalization funding program. Funded projects are intended to increase the digitalization maturity of public health service facilities under municipal and state sponsorship and primarily strengthen infection protection. In principle, other topics related to increasing digital maturity and interoperability are also possible.

80% of the funds made available will be paid directly to the ÖGD institutions for decentralized digitalization measures as part of the funding program. 20% of the funds will be used to support central digitalization measures by the federal government. Model projects are defined as local authorities or their associations that have applied for funding on the basis of a self-assessment using the maturity level. State measures address coordinated state measures within a federal state to harmonize specialist procedures; cross-state measures address several federal states to develop and provide digital services centrally.

Recipients of funding: Eligible applicants

Institutions that are part of the public health service are eligible to apply.

These include:

  • Local authorities and associations of local authorities for their health authorities 
  • Inter-municipal associations of several local authorities
  • Agencies and institutions under the responsibility of the federal states that perform public health service tasks in accordance with federal state regulations
  • Federal states, if coordinated federal state measures are applied for 
  • Federal states, if measures are applied for in accordance with the one-state-for-all (ELFA)


Scope of the funding program

Eligible expenses:

1. Expenses for preparatory measures (in particular those relating to the application process)

2. Expenses for consulting services as part of the planning, application and implementation of measures

3. Expenses for the procurement and implementation of software and hardware or corresponding rights of use, including on the basis of rental models

4. Initial operating expenses incurred during the term of the project

5. Expenses for evidence to be provided (e.g. IT security test)

6. Project-related personnel expenses for employees and personnel expenses for hiring a replacement for permanent staff

7. Infrastructure expenses, provided they are not already covered by other funding programs

8. Development expenses, e.g. for software


In particular, the following are not considered eligible for funding and must therefore be provided by the applicant:

1. Expenses for the non-project-related increase in personnel at the facilities of the ÖGD

2. Other administrative expenses (e.g. office space, non-IT-related workplace equipment)

Project stories for the Public Sector

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