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Supply Chain und Logistics Management in Hospitals

Supply Chain und Logistics Management in Hospitals

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Logistics processes in hospitals encompass more than just the flow of supplies. The focus is on expanding patient logistics. This includes patient transportation and therefore has a direct influence on the primary processes of patient care as well as on the profitability of a hospital. For a detailed analysis and optimization of the processes in a hospital, it is necessary to focus on these support and secondary processes. It is these that make an essential contribution to the smooth running of patient care. A holistic view of supply chain management processes, an end-to-end view, ensures that necessary interfaces can be taken into account and analyzed for optimization potential.

The elements of an end-to-end analysis form a logistics cycle:

UNITY is well-positioned in the area of hospital logistics. The objective in this sector is to link processes with directly realizable and measurable results using methods such as lean management, best practice examples from the industry and approaches to digital process management.

Consulting Services for Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Hospitals

Clinic groups and associations do not only benefit from the establishment of purchasing groups. The resulting synergy effects can be realized above all by centralizing the subsequent logistics. A vision that, with the right approach, becomes a concrete corporate or group strategy.

In addition to cost-effectiveness and quality, the aim of a successful logistics strategy is also the efficient deployment of personnel as part of centralization. The location, number and dimensioning of storage areas are just as much a part of the strategy as the analysis of goods and value flows.

A solid database and deriving key figures provide those responsible with internal and external transparency as well as an objective basis for active process control. End-to-end IT support is necessary for this and can be established and optimized through process analysis.

Timely logistical supply is of paramount importance in a hospital's OR. We offer a detailed, transparent analysis of these processes and optimize them, taking into account process flows, resources and the OR layout. The requirements of the core processes form the basis for the requirements of the support processes.

The simulation is used to optimize the house-specific flows. It enables the iterative development of the best possible structure for central sterilization. It takes into account not only the cycle time of the OR, but also the type of supply (e.g. trolleys) and the reprocessing capacity for the hospital itself and for other connected hospitals.


Patient logistics not only affect the punctual execution of the various treatment processes. If patient transport is not carried out on time, this can also have direct consequences for the length of stay of patients and the efficiency of the functional units.

Constant material availability is required for the implementation of the core patient processes. The requirements differ in the various areas of the hospital. We analyze the entire process from procurement to disposal and ensure security of supply.

Project stories in Supply Chain and Logistics in Healthcare

  • Introduction of a central control center and a patient portal in the hospital
  • Development of the future logistics concept
  • Resource efficiency through Supply Cart System
  • Optimized OR layout for a new hospital building in Uster

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