Goal-oriented strategy & planning in hospitals

Strategy & Target Planning

Strategy & Target Planning

Your strategy development and operational organization for an innovative hospital

More and more hospitals are focusing on target-oriented planning in order to meet the requirements of a changing healthcare landscape. Such planning not only includes medical care, but also aspects such as profitability, digitalization and innovation. Strategic target planning helps to take these different needs into account and develop an effective operational organization. This is the only way to create an innovative hospital that not only meets the needs of patients, but is also economically sustainable. In this context, the optimization of work processes and the design of the rooms also play a decisive role.

Hospital reform

Hospital reform aims to provide more medical services on an outpatient basis and to strengthen cross-sector care concepts in order to reduce costs and increase system efficiency, quality and patient satisfaction.

Hospitals are to provide their services according to newly defined service groups. The Federal Social Security Office (BAS) will then define a reserve budget based on three criteria: Population, process & outcome quality and case volume. With the new service groups, the federal states are to allocate precisely defined areas of activity to the hospitals. This leads to the question: How will the service portfolio of hospitals change?

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Simulation-based validation of your target planning

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Taking into account the space and functional planning as well as other planning measures for the operational organization, the planning can be validated using different simulation scenarios. UNITY uses simulation software for this purpose, which evaluates and optimizes the variants based on data.

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