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Organizational development in hospitals

Organizational development in hospitals

The organization of the future

Organizational development in hospitals is concerned with the continuous improvement of internal procedures, structures and processes to ensure effective and efficient patient care. The aim is to create a collaborative and patient-centered working environment in which employees can develop their potential and the quality of medical care is improved at the same time.

Organizational development in hospitals includes the analysis and adaptation of organizational development, the promotion of an open communication culture, the development of leadership skills and the implementation of suitable change measures. Through continuous organizational development, hospitals can better respond to the constant changes in the healthcare sector and adapt to influencing factors such as regulatory drivers, competitive factors, technological drivers, patient and employee needs, and the needs of patients and employees.

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Organizational development in nursing

Your challenges

The current challenges in the care sector make change inevitable. Innovative care approaches are required to ensure nursing care and further improve quality and efficiency. The current organization of nursing care needs to be questioned and rethought, and station structures need to be optimized on an individual and organizational level.

UNITY solution approach 

  • Effective support and design of the change process 
  • Evaluation of the initial situation and identification of potential in the process organization 
  • Determination of areas of action and implementation recommendations 
  • Evaluation of competence profiles and personas in nursing care 
  • Determination of organizational, procedural and functional requirements of the future process 
  • Identification of the changes to be made to the nursing staff on the basis of the target process

Project stories in Organizational Development in Healthcare

  • Sustainability governance & CSRD/ESRS
  • Introduction of a central control center and a patient portal in the hospital
  • Process-oriented Improvement of Business Efficiency
  • Optimized OR layout for a new hospital building in Uster
  • Secured and planned commissioning
  • Saving of time and costs during the construction stage

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