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Green Hospital

Green Hospital

For a healthy and green future

The Paris Agreement commits all participating countries to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and provides for a range of measures. In order to achieve the ambitious target of a maximum global warming curve of 1.5 °C, we are required to act as a society as a whole. 

The healthcare industry contributes to the global environmental impact as hospitals and medical facilities produce significant amounts of waste and emissions. Green Hospitals are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the healthcare industry by implementing mission and business strategies as well as environmentally friendly practices. For a sustainable hospital, there is an opportunity to use available resources carefully while providing the best possible quality of care.

We are shaping this sustainable future together with our customers and with the patient at the center. Our holistic expertise in healthcare enables us to identify and specifically address areas of action in a wide range of areas: from a holistic sustainability strategy to an innovative circular economy concept. In addition, the topics can be enriched with coordinated digitalization measures, process management tools and organizational development concepts. 

Let's pursue a path together that will make our planet worth living on for future generations.

Green Hospital Vision

The Green Hospital Vision shows a modern and sustainable hospital. The foundation for this is a solid energy management system, equipped with renewable energy sources such as wind and water power or solar panels. Environmentally friendly technologies for efficient energy use, from medical technology to intelligent energy management systems, are used at the heart of the building. Human capital is increased by enabling the implementation of targeted social sustainability projects within the organization and in the local community. Waste and recycling management concepts are developed together and sustainable mobility concepts are thought through. There are gardens and green spaces on the rooftops of the hospital that serve as recreational areas for patients and employees.

Achieve sustainability through holistic thinking and implementation - Our consulting services for Green Hospitals

1. Management (Strategy level)
Integrating sustainability into your management strategy - We support you in anchoring sustainability in your corporate vision and strategy. Starting with the definition of a common vision by an interdisciplinary team, measures can then be defined that are supported by all areas. By allocating resources strategically, we help you to act sustainably.

2. Employees (Measure level)
Empowering and Engaging Employees - Engaging employees early on is critical to a successful sustainability transformation. We will show you how to use targeted measures to improve day-to-day motivation and build a deeper connection to your corporate culture. Together, we will develop strategies to maximize the potential of your people and drive sustainable change in your organization.

3. Controlling (Reporting Requirements)
Sustainability controlling and reporting - Compliance with sustainability reporting obligations requires accurate and consistent data collection. Our consulting services support you in implementing effective software tools that not only simplify reporting, but also enable sound tracking and benchmarking of your sustainability efforts. With our help, you can ensure that your company is always compliant with regulatory requirements while simultaneously pursuing its sustainability goals efficiently.

Step by step to the sustainability report in accordance with CSRD

An example of our approach for embedding the three dimensions in your hospital organization

Together, we help you to implement the reporting requirements step by step and prepare your company for reporting. 
We support you from the first steps from establishing the strategic foundation to developing the content and providing support with the technical implementation of the mandatory disclosure data points. We also consider the associated processes and data strategies in order to standardize and automate reporting within the existing organizational structures.

More on the topic of regulation 

Green Hospital Funding - Germany and Austria

UNITY supports you in successfully realizing your sustainable and environmental projects. We place a special focus on making the best possible use of available state and federal funding for your green hospital transformation. From the funding analysis, applications and budget planning to implementation, including reporting, we support you on the path to sustainability in the following application areas:


  • Energy management & heat generation

    Find out more about the many different options for financial support to optimize your energy infrastructure.

  • Development of a sustainability strategy and measures

    In addition to the selection of various funding programs, we provide you with practice-oriented guidelines and impulses to define strategic guidelines.

  • Local integration support

    Gain an insight into the possibilities of financial support for local integration, whether it is for social projects or overall climate protection projects.

  • Sustainable building design and optimization

    Find out about subsidies for various modernization measures as well as energy-related technical planning and construction support services.

  • Mobility

    Find out more about financial support for sustainable mobility solutions for your clinic. Promote projects for e-mobility, public transport connections and car sharing.

  • Green IT

    Take advantage of public funding to implement measures to optimize your existing IT infrastructure and hardware.

Project stories in Healthcare

  • Sustainability governance & CSRD/ESRS
  • Introduction of a central control center and a patient portal in the hospital
  • Applications “Spitalliste Ct. Zurich 2023”
  • Development of a general operating concept for a multi-locational care
  • Innovative OR Logistics – Conception and implementation preparation
  • Ensuring efficient OR management in a new building
  • Analysis and process optimization in the OR area
  • Development of the future logistics concept
  • Digital Transformation Support
  • Simulation of the effect of CombiSets in the surgery
  • Improving the digital infrastructure
  • Process-oriented Improvement of Business Efficiency
  • Digital Hospital Planning
  • Optimization of the intra-hospital patient transfers
  • Sales Innovation
  • Resource efficiency through Supply Cart System
  • Optimized OR layout for a new hospital building in Uster
  • Process optimisation in the OR area
  • Secured and planned commissioning
  • Saving of time and costs during the construction stage
  • Intelligent OR planning
  • Health 4.0 for South Tyrol
  • Intersectoral Networking in Healthcare
  • Digital Agenda - Consulting in Digital Strategy

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