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Diversity at UNITY

Especially in the digital age, where interdisciplinary collaboration is more important than ever, a trust-based corporate culture is crucial for success. People are at the center of everything we do! With the ideas, talents, cultural experiences and passions of all employees, we create diversity -- and promote creativity and innovation! The exchange within our Diversity@UNITY group enables us to respond to individual backgrounds and promote personal development at every stage of life. Together, we create a working environment that is characterized by appreciation, openness, truth and clarity. These values give us orientation in all situations and promote our corporate culture -- the very special UNITY spirit! The fact that this is also recognized by external institutions in the form of awards -- such as the "Very Good Employer" award from the independent research and consulting company Great Place to Work® -- is both a source of praise and an added incentive for us.

Diversity makes us successful!

Regardless of area and role, we give all our employees the creative freedom they need to develop forward-looking solutions together with our customers. Are you curious? In #UNITIESupclose, our employees provide both personal and professional insights!

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Once a UNITY, always a UNITY! We are convinced that we can achieve more as a community. That's why we are so pleased that our employees want to stay closely connected with us even after their active UNITY time -- as part of our alumni network.

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Appreciation and equal opportunities -- unconditionally!

As a driving force for innovation and the skills needed for the future, we protect and promote the potential of our diversity -- and give all our employees the creative freedom they need to act in an innovative and future-oriented manner.

Moving forward together

Our employees are our strength. That is why we promote the personal development of each individual through appropriate training and continuing education programs at the UNITYacademy. In addition, they have a wide range of perspectives open to them -- whether through challenging projects, workation, foreign assignments or individual careers. We are proud of the fact that all UNITY managers have earned their role through their qualifications and outstanding commitment, motivated by the joy of success.

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Career and family life in harmony

Attitude alone is not enough -- that is why we live a culture that enables advancement and further development for every life model and at every stage of life. Whether family, further training or leisure time -- with flexibility and modern working conditions, we support all employees in combining their private and professional goals. With the Parenthood@UNITY group, we also create a confidential space for discussion and take into account all types, stages and issues of parenthood.

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