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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

High level of implementation expertise

“Over the past few years, we have experienced outstanding cooperation with UNITY, particularly in the areas of plant structure planning and redesigning our logistics processes. We are impressed by the strong implementation skills and hands-on mentality of the UNITY consultants. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and developing further innovative solutions in our environment together in the future.”

Tanja Werres

Managing Director of the Paderborn Plant

Diebold Nixdorf

Results-oriented approach

“With UNITY‘s support, we were able to develop numerous new ideas to further develop our requirements management. The combination of an initial interview study and a series of workshops that followed was very effective.“

Ina Laukötter

Head of Category Marketing BU Cooking

Miele & Cie. KG

Proven PLM expertise

“Thanks to UNITY, we were able to develop a suitable PLM strategy and demonstrate the benefits in a short period of time. In the next phase, UNITY guided us through the vendor selection process all the way to implementation – this is where we benefited from their methodology and technical knowhow."

Darius Gasiorek

Responsible for IT applications


Interview with Stefan Gruber Director of Business Transformation, LKQ Europe

What makes UNITY special?
As a customer, we value UNITY‘s high level of expertise in the areas of organizational transformation and IT as well as the partnership-based cooperation. We benefit enormously from this in the project.

Why is UNITY the right consultancy?
As mentioned before, the combination of a high level of technical expertise and great teamwork makes UNITY a valuable partner for us. I was particularly
impressed by the ability of the consultants to consistently deliver with such high quality and speed. I have rarely experienced this before.

How would you characterize collaboration with UNITY?
We see a high level of commitment from the consultants in the project, who always act with loyalty and integrity. The maxim of “truth and clarity“ applies, which is the basis of a trustbased collaboration.

How is UNITY different from other consultancies?
The team is stable and is characterized by a high level of identification with our company and our goals. The work is pragmatic and implementation-oriented. This is exactly what we expect from a management consultancy.

High Level of Competence in Implementation

“The UNITY team impressed us through its high level of commitment, competence in implementation and the will to achieve measurable effectiveness at LKQ Europe. In doing so, they were successful in involving the entire organization. UNITY is the ideal partner for the end-to-end transformation of our organization with 25,000 employees!”

Claudia Martins

Senior Vice President Logistics & Supply Chain

LKQ Europe

Tangible Results Delivered

"Usually, consultancies enter your office with a pre-defined solution. UNITY didn’t. We built a trust-based relationship with a 10+ person team from day one. We didn’t feel like a supplier and client, but as one team working towards a common goal, achieving the most tangible, actionable results. Their sweet spot is definitely putting transformational theories into practice, with energy, excitement and ROI impact!"

Jérémie Eblé

Head of Life Science DiCE (Digital Center of Excellence)

Merck Group

Sustainability – Taking a Concrete Approach

“UNITY supports us with competence and expertise in the area of sustainability. We are particularly pleased that the UNITY consultants are quick to be specific and do not stay on the meta-level. Together, we have a powerful team that will take WAGO to the next level in terms of sustainability.”

Astrid Burschel

Vice President Corporate Sustainabilty


Interview with Johannes Schubmehl, Former CIO, Bayer Healthcare AG

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What sets UNITY apart?
UNITY is innovative, professional and always works with a focus on results. The way they interact with customers is fair, authentic and based on partnership. I also appreciate how reliable UNITY consultants are: they deliver what they promise.

Why was UNITY the right management consultancy for you?
UNITY has often made the decisive difference when other consultancies were overwhelmed. UNITY‘s strength was its holistic approach to solutions in terms of technology, organizational structure and process organization, and the human factor. UNITY was strong in both the conception and implementation. 

How did you experience the collaboration with UNITY as a customer?
The collaboration with UNITY was always characterized by fairness, cooperation at eye level and a win-win mindset. This has resulted in a productive, long-term collaboration.

What distinguishes UNITY from other consultancies?
The unique UNITY culture sets it apart. By this I mean the great level of appreciation that is shown to its employees and customers.