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Corporate Strategy and Functional Strategy

We assess your strategic position, together with you!

In order to be successful sustainably, it is essential to have a good game plan. Changes in your corporate environment, e.g., due to new competitors, technologies or platforms mean that corporate strategies and/ or functional strategies must be scrutinized and adapted regularly. Assess your current strategic position together with UNITY's experts and our partners from the UNITY Innovation Alliance and develop a sustainable corporate strategy and/ or functional strategy. Together, we develop clear guidelines for your portfolio, organization and market approach in order to focus resources and projects on the most important topics of the future. Our strategies are designed to maximize your ROI. By actively involving employees and your management team, we ensure that your corporate strategy is not only written on paper, but is practiced in your team's mindset and its daily actions.

These core questions are answered through a sustainable Corporate Strategy:

  • How is the company positioned in terms of strategy in its environment?
  • Where should the company focus in regard to strategic direction and areas of action?
  • How can the strategic vision be implemented, both agile and error-free?
  • Which innovative business models give you a significant competitive advantage?

Consulting Services for Corporate Strategy and Functional Strategyehmens- und Funktionalstrategie

What is your position today in the area and where does action need to be taken?

Your benefits

Quick understanding of your own strategic maturity level and awareness of your own strategic position in the market.

UNITY solution approach

  • Analyze the relevant strategic parameter​s, such as sales development, cost structures and returns on investment in order to create a sound basis for strategic decisions
  • Identify existing activities and processes
  • Identify development potentials and risiks to make efficiency potentials visible
What is the strategic goal and which direction should be taken?

Your benefits

Target vision supported by the entire team and common areas of action to increase focus and avoid losses due to conflicts.

UNITY solution approach

  • Create a cross-functional vision
  • Identify future requirements (customers, technology, market etc.)​
  • Derive strategic areas of action in the areas of future-oriented market opportunities while at the same time concentrating on core competencies and optimizing internal processes
What actions and which competencies are necessary to achieve the strategic goals?

Your benefits

Less complexity, more focus in the project portfolio and a clear focus on the KPIs and EBIT in the strategy roadmap.

UNITY solution approach

  • Identifiy "white spots" in your own abilities
  • Create company- or division-specific roadmaps
  • Evaluate sales and cost effects
How can successful transformation and future-proof governance be ensured?

Your benefits

Strategy is anchored in your company's processes and mindset. Sustainable implementation and achievement of the strategic goals with the help of practiced governance and strategy controlling.

UNITY solution approach

  • Implementation of a holistic change management
  • Use of best practices and agile project management
  • Analysis and adaptation of the governance model (committees, processes, owners) 
  • Increase their agility in dynamic market environments
“Together with UNITY, we optimized our sales approach in many aspects. By streamlining sales processes and clearly shaping our USPs, we created the foundation for a sustainable differentiation in the market.”
Matthias Remmert
Managing Director
Friedrich Remmert GmbH

Strategy Work with UNITY


We think about concrete projects from day 1, evaluate their target contributions and make them tangible (digital or analog).


We want to look at the big picture with you and learn from other industries.


We design the strategy process together with your team to empower you beyond the project.


We use the creativity of the group, but also set the necessary content-related guidelines.


We combine top-down and bottom-up strategy development for cross-hierarchical change.​



We develop precise goals and define measurable values – for a positive return on investment (ROI) of your strategy and more profitability.

Project stories on Corporate and Functional Strategy

  • Strategy check and implications: Future High-Tech Mobility​
  • Corporate Strategie 2027+
  • The Digital City worth living in – Padeborn's pulse beats Digitally
  • Strategy Implementation, Process Management, Leadership Alignment
  • EMtec IT Strategy Development
  • Development of Service Concept
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy & Roadmap Quality 2025
  • Identification of new business potentials with future scenarios
  • Setting a foundation for future-oriented innovation management
  • Strategy Development
  • Scenarios for the future of the marine business
  • Innovation Management – from Strategy to IT Implementation
  • Implementation plan for the sustainability strategy
  • Artificial intelligence in air traffic management – quantitative business model assessment
  • Concrete use cases and relevant technologies identified
  • Cross-departmental development of a business unit strategy

Your contact persons for Corporate Strategy and Functional Strategy

Dr. Dominik Fischer

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Paderborn, Germany
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Sebastian Befeld

Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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Magnus Meier

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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Katharina Pierschalik

Partner, Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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Viviane Zimmermann

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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