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Data-driven value creation

The amount of data a company generates today is greater than ever and constantly increasing. This data serves not only as raw material for insights and decisions, but also as fuel for innovations and competitive advantages. Realizing this potential, however, requires much more than the storage, evaluation and analysis of corporate data, as our UNITY Big Picture illustrates:
A clear and sustainable strategic objective and the evaluation of the data landscape as interdependent and mutually supportive elements form the starting situation. These elements are shaped by the overall infrastructure, access to technologies, the required operating model, taking into account all security-related requirements of each enterprise. The bracket of this quadruple is closed by the corporate culture and its people with the lived governance. 
If these elements are aligned, data excellence can be achieved in the company and future business potential can thus be realized.

Hyperautomation is needed to optimize existing processes and business models. Hyperautomation is a business-oriented approach that connects and automates as many business and IT processes as possible. It does not describe a new technology, but rather a holistic approach to the optimized interaction of data, processes and systems. Existing knowledge is used intelligently and made available. 

Secured decisions

Decisions in many areas of the organization are still made by experts on the basis of specialist knowledge, many years of experience and a healthy gut feeling. However, the need for many quick decisions in the absence of knowledge requires an adapted approach to decision making: By using data, important insighs can be derived, knowledge can be transferred and business decisions can be secured.

Future-proof Optimizations

The effective use and intelligent evaluation of data provide valuable conclusions for the design of efficient processes, customized products and personalized services. Early identification of bottlenecks in the value chain and the coordinated offering of smart products and services can have a positive impact on value creation, customer satisfaction and customer loyality, resulting in overall competetive advantages.

Innovative Business Models

In addition to the future-oriented optimazion of existing processes, products and services, the analysis of extensive internal and external data sources can be used to identify changing needs and market trends at an early stage. These insights lead to the development of new markets or target groups. An increase in competitiveness through the development of new and innovative business models or through the monetization of data is made possible in this way.

Our Consulting Services in the area of data-driven value creation

Your challenges:

  • Lack of consistency & patchy integrity of corporate data across the end-to-end process
  • Lack of an operating model that empowers employees to use corporate data across the enterprise

UNITY-solution approach:

  • Collection of complete transparency on the status quo of the company data
  • Joint definition of the strategic objective and derivation of necessary fields of action for the long-term and sustainable use of corporate data
Empowerment for the targeted use of your data

Your challenges:

  • Failure to make value-added use of your existing data
  • Insufficient alignment between data and business processes
  • Inconsistent or duplicate data storage

UNITY-solution approach:

  • Understanding data and identifying potential
  • Design of a suitable information and data architecture to achieve the developed target image
  • Information and data-related recommendations to future-proof your company
Discover data-driven Use Cases

Your challenges:

  • Lack of understanding on how to use technologies such as AI to further develop business opportunities and optimise business processes
  • Decentralised implementation of solutions makes scaling and widespread implementation in the company difficult

UNITY-solution approach:

  • Conduct a keynote presentation to create a common understanding of data-driven use cases among all stakeholders.
  • Identification of use cases with a subsequent initial evaluation and prioritisation as a basis for the further design of the use case landscape incl. derivation of fields of action

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Project Stories Smart Data & AI

  • Workshop for the identification & validation of RPA use cases

    • Definition of objectives and derivation of framework conditions for the workshop concept
    • Preparation and realisation of a cross-divisional information event (Call for Action)
    • Development of evaluation criteria for use case selection
    • Preparation and realisation of the ShapeDay to validate the feasibility of RPA and to identify potential show stoppers
    • Realisation of the pitch event to present the decision basis developed for each use case
    • Follow-up of the entire workshop format and realisation of a lessons learned session
  • [Translate to English:]

    Digitisation of the quality control chart incl. system data

    • Conception and realisation of electronic documentation and archiving of quality data
    • Commissioning of all quality-relevant, manual assembly processes and automated systems on three assembly lines and production-related external areas within the plant
    • Use of mobile clients and touch screens on the shop floor to visualise inspection scopes and document quality data on the line cycle
    • Integration of quality data into new reporting system

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Partner, Head of Business Area

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Senior Consultant

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