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Green IT

Setting up a sustainable IT infrastructure in companies

The United Nations predict a global environmental impact of around 74 million tons of electronic waste for 2030. Data centers alone are already responsible for 2% of global energy consumption. It is predicted that IT will cause more emissions in the coming years than aviation and shipping combined. One thing is certain: The IT-driven infrastructure and the use of resources in the IT departments of companies must be set up in a sustainable way.

One of the most important drivers of Green IT initiatives is social responsibility and customer demand for a more sustainable use of resources. However, government regulations are also increasing the pressure on companies. With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the European Union is laying an important legal foundation for the sustainability reporting of an estimated 15,000 companies in Germany. And for up to 50,000 companies in the EU.

Sustainable IT measures

In addition to the urgency of Green IT measures, there are many key challenges that companies have to deal with.

Return on investment

The initial investment costs are high and have long amortization periods. It is difficult to reliably quantify the actual return on investment (ROI).

Organizational readiness

Companies must become aware of the issue of Green IT and make a general commitment to tackling climate change through their workforce and internal measures.

Furthermore, an individual company's Green IT efforts are most effective if the value chain tackles climate change together. Cooperation and raising awareness among partners is a central task of the Green IT strategy.

Institutional framework

It is important that government institutions create a clear political framework that promotes sustainability in the IT sector, but also creates the necessary incentives. Regulations must be complied with and incentives must be used in the best possible way.

Our Consulting Services in Green IT

Green IT Kickstart Workshop

Your challenges:

  • Lack of clarity on the topic of Green IT 
  • Lack of strategy and action measures in dealing with sustainable IT 
  • Requirements of other business units when supporting sustainability projects

UNITY solution approach:

  • Focused workshop to define the field of Green IT 
  • Green IT strategy derived from business strategy and requirements 
  • Clear and prioritized catalog of measures and implementation roadmap for the agreed measures

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How can UNITY support your company on the path towards Green IT?

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Together with our customers, we develop holistic Green IT projects -- from strategy to implementation! This way, specific measures are defined, the implementation is supported and the impact of the initiatives is made visible.


of the changes and modifications made by measuring the impact on the corporate organization. 

Alignment of the strategy

of your Green IT initiatives with those of your company to ensure cross-divisional adoption and implementation.

Definition of specific measures

including action areas, selection of customized measurements, metrics and the identification of stakeholders.

Implementation & change management

of reactive and proactive customized measures for more efficient use of resources and environmental awarenes.

The benefits of Green IT

Introducing Green IT can not only lead to numerous environmental benefits, but also generate economic and social advantages.

Reduces environmental pollution

Conscious and sustainable control of life cycle management and the use of resources can reduce the environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals.

Costs & energy savings

By optimizing your IT infrastructure and making more efficient use of resources, especially energy, you can reduce your costs and increase your competitiveness.

Brand reputation

Companies that make an effort to protect the environment and promote sustainability are viewed positively by consumers, investors and other stakeholders. The result is a better image and increased public trust in your brand.

Customer acquisition & customer loyalty

As a result of the improved public brand reputation, Green IT initiatives can help your company attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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