Cyber Resilience Act

Cyber Resilience Act

Using the Cyber Resilience Act for competitive advantage

In an increasingly connected world, cyber threats to both consumers and businesses are on the rise. To ensure that fewer products with vulnerabilities are brought to market in the future, the European Union aims to make the cyber security of products recognisable to the user. The corresponding requirements are defined by the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which will probably come into force throughout the EU at the end of 2023. With its introduction, companies face the challenge of adapting to strict regulations and standards.

However, the landmark law does not only bring challenges, but also opens up a multitude of opportunities: companies that adapt to the requirements of the CRA in good time can gain a competitive advantage, strengthen the trust of their customers and protect their corporate assets. As a leading management consultancy, we help companies develop and implement strategies to strengthen their cyber resilience. In doing so, we bring our strengths from several disciplines: strategic product planning, innovative product development, efficient production processes and cyber security. Our holistic approach enables us to prepare you early for the EU-wide Cyber Resilience Act and make your company future-proof.

Our Consulting Services for the Cyber Resilience Act

Your added values of the Cyber Resilience Act are securing competition, minimising cyber risks in the product and compliance with EU laws. We help you develop and implement your cyber resilience.

Inventory and CRA Readiness
  • Analysis of the product portfolio
  • Coverage of CRA requirements
  • Risk analysis of a representative product
  • Gap analysis of product-related cyber security capabilities
Sustainable Resilience Concept
  • Recommended implementation strategy applied to the products
  • Safe product life cycle (process, organisation, governance, ...)
  • Robust development toolchain
Transformation planning and implementation support
  • Business Case
  • Immediate measures to increase the product safety of existing products
  • Masterplan of Action
  • Implementation support for selected products


>25 years of strategy and implementation expertise in production development

Excellent Cyber Security consulting

Development expertise in the UNITY Innovation Alliance: Safe embedded development through Smart Mechatronics

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