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ERP Transformation

ERP Transformation

The digital world has many facets

We view your project, regardless of its scope, as a holistic digital transformation.

  • Typical topics affected by the introduction of business-critical solutions such as an ERP transformation include:
    • Processes
    • Data
    • Organization
    • Systems and applications
    • Product-neutral system selection
    • System introdution 

UNITY successfully guides you through the selection and introduction of complex and business-critical IT solutions. We provide you with support from the initial analysis of your strategies, through process management and organizational design to a successful go-live, whether it's an individually customized solution or standard platforms and systems such as SAP S/4HANA, MS Dynamics, Oracle Cloud ERP, HIS and others.

We are a product- and manufacturer-independent consultancy as part of a comprehensive alliance and diverse range of services. We use proven and tested processes and methods for your digital transformation project and incorporate best practices from all sectors and industries (including automotive, health market, mechanical and systems engineering, retail and many more).

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Our expertise in ERP Transformation

Strategy dimensions

Based on our industry-specific experience and best practices as well as your business goals, we identify and describe your strategy dimensions. These form the core of your IT strategy. In addition to key topics such as governance models and the target operating model (TOM), the strategy dimensions also include the overall interaction between business, information system and technology levels (EAM) as well as security and sustainability topics.

  • Process management

    • Analysis 
      • Value flow analysis
      • ROI consideration  
      • Age structure/qualification analysis
      • Current state analysis 
      • Process cost analysis
      • Process trends & technologies
      • Process Mining
      • Potential analysis
    • Conception
      • Target concept/ process optimization (BPO)
      • Live process monitoring
      • QM manuals
      • Performance management
      • Standardization
      • Organizational development
      • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
      • Performance management 
    • Rollout & Management
      • Agile IT & Process Rollout
      • Agiles Process management
      • Business Process Management (BPM)
      • Process portal
      • FMEA
      • Trainings
      • Process audit/ -Scorecard
      • KvP vs. Business Process Reengineering
  • Organizational development

    • Operationalization of the strategy
      • Corporate strategy
      • Division-specific strategy
      • Capability approach
      • Process approach
    • Change Management
      • Communication Concept
      • Enablement concept
      • Culture & mindset
      • Coaching
      • Transition-Plan/ Ramp-Up/ Roadmap
      • Stakeholder management
    • Operating model & governance
      • Organizational setup/ organizational structure
      • Processes & Roles
      • IT & Delivery Model
      • KPIs & control mechanisms
      • Portfolio
      • Resources & Responsibilities
  • IT architecture management

    • Strategic selection criteria
    • Current state assessment
    • Strategic guardrails
    • Potentials
    • Areas of action
    • Target concept
    • Requirements & specifications
    • Evaluation matrix
    • Requirements specification
    • Implementation 
    • Contract award
    • Tendering  / system selection
    • Contract
    • ICT Quickcheck
  • Data management

    • Business model development - Data Foundation 
      • Data Engineering
      • Data Architecture
      • Big Data Management
      • Portfolio management
      • Data Maturity
      • Data & Analytics Strategy
      • Data Platform
    • Business model development - Data Insights
      • Data Visualization
      • Machine / Deep Learning
      • Intelligent Agents & Automation
      • Advanced Data Analytics 
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Low-Code / No-Code
      • Process Mining
    • Data Governance
      • Data Ownership 
      • Organizational development
      • Regulatory requirements (GDPR)
      • Data Literacy
      • Data Security
      • Data Access

Consulting Services in ERP Transformation

Design and optimize end-to-end processes
  • Analyze the existing process: Identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes.
  • Design a holistic process model: define clear objectives, involvement of relevant stakeholders and define the steps and activities of the process, taking interfaces into account.
  • Continuously optimize and monitor: regular adjustments and monitoring of the process to maximize efficiency and accuracy and increase overall value.
  • Tool-supported implementation with ADO Omega: analyze, design and manage in one tool. Learn more about ADO Omega!

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Effectively transform your organization & people
  • Take a holistic view of your organization's development. It plays a central role in the effective implementation of transformation projects
  • With our many years of experience and our unique combination of methodological know-how and soft skills, we will guide you to success.

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Set up your IT for the future
  • Identify weak points and bottlenecks in the current IT infrastructure and system landscape 
  • Align your IT architecture based on the corporate and IT strategy 
    IT strategy, as well as current trends and technologies to increase performance and reduce costs
  • Comprehensive support for your system introduction, from requirements analysis to system selection and go-live

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Break down data silos and drive data-based value creation
  • Develop the right data strategy and data architecture across domains with the right data in the right quality and quantity at the right price in the right place and at the right time
  • Set up customized data governance and select target-oriented data tools, such as for data analysis
  • Increase daily efficiency and productivity by improving data quality through complete and consistent data, 
  • Benefit from data for new insights and decisions for your internal direction, as well as better collaboration with your customers, partners and suppliers through increased transparency.

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Store ERP Transformation

ERP Audit
ERP Transformation
2-3 Weeks

With a systematic analysis of your business processes, we identify the potentials for optimization.

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ERP Preliminary Study
ERP Transformation
10-Day package

Implementation of a holistic analysis of your business processes and structures for your success.

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ICT Check
ERP Transformation
8-Day package

We work with you to optimize your IT landscape for maximum efficiency.

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Project stories in ERP Transformation

  • Business transformation and digital advancement
  • Efficient SAP Transition
  • Digital Reference Architecture LHT
  • Implementation of a Future Operating Model for IT
  • IT implementation
  • Development of a modern IT infrastructure
  • IT architecture and selection of systems
  • Target picture and use cases for the digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation of IT Organisation
  • Market Leadership in Smart Manufacturing
  • ERP Selection & Implementation for an innovative IoT Company
  • Development of Roadmap 2020
  • VR DigitalCheck
  • Networking beyond the stadium visit
  • Optimized corporate wide consistent business processes and system-neutral performance specifications
  • Implementation Digital@Covestro
  • End-to-end digital transformation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance
  • Intersectoral Networking in Healthcare
  • Creating added value for customers and company
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for IT and OT
  • Strategy and urban data platform

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